DVD's not mentioned in CloneCD manual?

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by Roundtree, Feb 16, 2008.

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    I have just downloaded the trial version of Clone CD. In the advertisement of this software it mentioned that its also for dvd's. However, after reading through much of the manual guide I have not yet seen any mention of dvd's.

    I am to assume that when cd's are mentioned that it also refers to dvd's?
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    Well, Clonecd does backup dvd videos with Anydvd running in the background. That's the method I use mostly. click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=327

    And there's only one profile for dvds, whereas there are number of profiles for cds.
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    DVD's not mentioned in Clone CD manual?

    Thanks for the advice, WebSlinger.

    I clicked on that link you gave.I have AnyDVD installed on my computer so I can get started following the several steps you mentioned.

    If I understand correctly, Clone CD is not for backing up dvd movies.


    What software do you use for making dvd movie backups?
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    No. Clonecd can backup dvd movies (dvd-video) with Anydvd running in the background

    I use Clonecd with Anydvd running in the background (with Verbatim+R DL discs made in Singapore). I am lazy; I hate compression; and Clonecd is about as lazy as it gets. Clonecd will also preserve the original layer break position--in addition to backing up PC files that may appear as bonus features (ex. wallpapers, screensavers, etc.). Clonedvd backs up dvd-video titlesets only (not PC files).

    I do not use Clonedvd.
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    DVD's not mentioned in Clone CD manual?

    That's good news!! I am going to try your method of making movie backups.

    I have little experience at making dvd backups to my movie collection so pardon me for asking - but what do you mean by compression?
  6. Webslinger

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    With Clonecd the size of the original disc must equal the size of your blank disc.

    So if you have an original disc with two layers (dvd-9, 8.5 GB original movie disc), your blank disc must also be 8.5 GB if you use Clonecd.
    Some movies are on single layer discs (Rob Roy Region 1, for example, is a single layer dvd); for those, you can use regular single layer blanks with Clonecd. But most movies (The Lord of the Rings, etc.) are on two layer discs (dvd-9).

    If you use dvd-5 (4.7 GB) blank then in order to fit the material from most original discs (which are twice the size, basically), the video material must be compressed. Clonedvd can compress. When you compress video material, the picture quality decreases. Consequently, I hate compression. I am very picky. I don't compress. Clonedvd is also a transcoder. Transcoder compression quality is inferior to encoder compression quality (example of using an encoder is Dvd Rebuilder with Procoder or CCE). Encoders take quite a bit longer than transcoders to compress video. I hate compression altogether. I hate reduced picture quality, and I also hate taking forever to use an encoder to get good picture quality.

    The drawback is Verbatim+R Double Layer blank media is not cheap (nor is MAM-A +R DL blank media). These are the only double layer blank media choices anyone should be making.

    Most people are not like me. Most people use single layer blanks because the blanks are significantly cheaper than double layer blanks. So most people use Clonedvd, DVDShrink, or Nero Recode (these are transcoders). Some people don't like the picture quality these programs produce. So they use dvd rebuilder with a freeware encoder, typically HC Encoder (which is very good). But encoders can take hours to compress video (a very long time).

    Again, I use Clonecd with Anydvd running in the background and Verbatim +R DL blank media (made is Singapore . . . much of it is now made in India; and it's not quite as good as the stuff made in Singapore). MAM-A +R DL (8x) is a good second choice. I am lazy; I prefer not to compress video; I prefer to retain the original layer break position; I prefer to also backup any PC files that may appear on the original disc. But I do pay more for blank media.
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    DVD's not mentioned in Clone CD manual?

    Thank you Webslinger for that full explanation. It has helped to understand what compression, transcoders and encoders are. These are fundamentals to those with experience such as yourself but for me its a needful and helpful lesson.

    I have been using dvdnextcopy for making my dvd movie backups. I will continue using it because of the very satisfactory results that it gives. Today I want to take the time to make a side by side evaluation of the features of Clone CD and Dvdnextcopy Standard. One of the differences between these two softwares, according to the features listed in their ads, is that Clone CD has the capability of backing up both muziek and data cd's and dvd's where as Dvdnextcopy seems to be especially used for dvd moive backups.

    Your explanation of emulation is really a help also. I did not know what emulation is and certainly had no idea of how it works. Game Jackal Pro and Clone CD are two softwares that are definitely on my wishlist.

    Thanks again for your help.
  8. Webslinger

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    Dvdnextcopy does not preserve the original layer break location when using +R DL blank media (neither does Clonedvd, Nero Recode, DvdShrink, etc.).
    All this means is that the pause you normally see when watching the original disc (when the laser switches from one layer to the next) will not occur in the same place as on the backup.

    Clonecd will preserve the original layer break (which is what I prefer) location when using +R DL blank media.

    Clonecd is a 1:1 sector copier. Dvdnextcopy isn't.
    So yes, Clonecd can backup music cds and data discs.