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DVD Writer for Vista 80%..please help!!!


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Mar 3, 2007
I'm new here and I also used AnyDVD and CloneDVD for XP and it worked great. I just gt Vista and the DVD burns great but when it starts to write to a blank disk and gets to 80%, it says "Bad media". I have to eject the blank disk and throw it away. When I put in a brand new blank dish following the error message, it then burns the disk absolutely fine. Also I'm using either maximum speed or 16X to write.

Is there a way to fix it so everytime I want to Burn a DVD I don't need to waste a blank one each time?


Just by going through the internet you will see that Vista has a great many problems, especially with all its DRM. First, I would check with your burner manufacturer to see if they are Vista compatible and have any new firmware. Also, what media are you using (-R, +R, DL, manufacturer) and have you tried at a slower speed? Generally burning 2-4x under the max helps. Also, if it questionable SL media, using a Custom write of 4300-4500 may help so you aren't using the end of the disc where errors tend to occur.
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Hi :)
dvdburner6 welcome.:clap:
You need to give more info.
What version of Vista? 32 or 64 bit? DVDRW & it's f/w?
I run Vista Ultimate 32 bit & have no problems in relation to my DVDRW's.
Lite-On, BenQ, Pioneer, Samsung & Plextor.
Thanks for your help! I'm using DVD+R Sony blank DVDs. My operating system is Vista 32bit and my computer is a Dell Dimension E521 and the DVD burner was from Dell as well.

Thanks again!
Hi :)
Well I've had a look at the Dell site & your setup shouldn't have any problems. Suggest you drop the write speed (as mmdavis suggests). See how that turns out. Ideally try some other media, even if it means buying some. ( A small sample will be enough.)