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    On my blank DVDs, it says DVD-R version 2.1. What does this mean? On DVD+R it said 1.3. What do these mean?
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    Regarding High-Speed Recording Disc Compatibility

    The *DVD Forum established standards for high-speed recordable discs in August, 2002 (**DVD-R discs supporting 4x recording and **DVD-RW discs supporting 2x recording). Both high-speed DVD-R/RW disc standards cover current 1X recording capability and higher speed writing capability. (2X and 4X for DVD-R, 2X for RW).
    As of Nov. 2003, the DVD Forum established high-speed recordable disc standards capable to support *** DVD-R 8x recording and *** DVD-RW 4x recording.
    As of Sep. 2004, the DVD Forum established additionally new high-speed recordable disc standards capable to support **** DVD-R 16x recording and **** DVD-RW 6x recording.

    * The DVD Forum is the worldwide organization made up from numerous participants who conduct research or engage in the DVD businesses and commit to foster the format.
    ** DVD-R for General Version 2.0 / 4X-SPEED DVD-R Revision 1.0
    DVD-RW Version 1.1 / 2X-SPEED DVD-RW Revision 1.0
    DVD-R for General Version 2.0 / 6X-SPEED DVD-R Revision 2.0
    / 8X-SPEED DVD-R Revision 3.0
    DVD-RW Version 1.2 / 4X-Speed DVD-RW Revision 2.0
    DVD-R for General Version 2.1 / 12X-Speed DVD-R Revision 5.0
    / 16X-Speed DVD-R Revision 6.0

    DVD-RW Version 1.2 / 6X-Speed DVD-RW Revision 3.0

    same sort of thing