DVD Shrink+Collateral(UK/PAL)

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by mike20021969, Feb 28, 2008.

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    i recently posted about converting all my dvd's to put on my emtec movie cube-r.

    i came across this problem.
    dvd shrink shows collateral as having 4 audio sound tracks (2 for english,2 foreign-german and dutch i think from memory).
    anyway,if i selected either/both of the english tracks,i got the foreign languages.
    if i selected either foreign language-i got the foreign ones.
    the only way i got round this problem was to use clonedvd2.i created dvd files after selecting the english audio,and i got the english audio.
    i was then able to use shrink on these files to get my 1x4GB vob file which clonedvd2 cant do.

    so my question-why didn't shrink not allow me to have the english audio when clonedvd2 didn't have this problem?