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  1. So I like to back up my OWNED dvd's. Can anyone tell me the difference between using -R or +R blank media? The only thing I know is that one (I think -R) will not allow me to reburn, or copy from.

    Any suggestions on which would be the best?

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    With dvd+r blank media it's best to change the booktype to "dvd-rom" before burning. click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=476 and read step 3 fully

    Changing the booktype to "dvd-rom" does have an advantage, since "dvd-rom" is the booktype of commercial dvd-videos that you buy in stores. Thus, devices or programs that may check have a harder time telling whether they are playing an original disc or a backup. And you can't make that bitsetting/booktype change for dvd-rs (well, not easily).

    Neither will

    dvd-r and dvd+r are writable only once

    RW stands for rewritable

    Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden (not Valueline) for dvd+rs

    Maxell Broadcast Quality Series 8x (not regular junk Maxells you find everywhere), Verbatim 8x & 16x, Taiyo Yuden (not Valueline) for dvd-rs
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  3. Thanks for the help, but I meant re-burning from that burned copy. Know what I mean?
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    Oh, you want to use a burned copy as the source. Yes, you can do that with dvd-r and dvd+rs. However, I will not help those that ask. I only help people backup original discs that they own, and I recommend people use original discs as the source instead of backups.
  5. I understand. Thanks for your help. Trust me, I'm not a pirate, just wanted to know. One last question, I'm thinking of starting to back-up my BluRay discs. Can you tell me if there is a significant loss in video quality? Like will I loose the HD in watching a backup?
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    People that aren't pirates also use their backups to create more backups, for personal use, but I don't really advise doing that (the original disc is the best source--not the backup). And I wasn't accusing you of anything.

    No. But it's not easy: blanks are expensive, and BD+ is not currently supported by Anydvd HD (BD+ will be supported in the future). That said you can watch rips on your computer, provided you have a powerful enough video card, a blu-ray drive, Anydvd HD, and very specific versions of Powerdvd Ultra.

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