DVD on PSP with 480 x 272 PIXEL


hi, i will rip a DVD for PSP. The new PSP firmware 3.10 OE Will play 480x272 pixel movies.

but i foundn't a prog were i can rip a DVD in this size.
is a new version vom DVD MOBILE in proces were i can use it ??? :bowdown:
and when it comes ? :D
Hi sioc,

i write a thread for this feature also!

Hi there at SlySoft,

please integrate the folowing function´s in the next Update:

1. The posibility to change Audio to a higher Bitrate
(The soundquality isn´t that good !!)

2. The posibility to change Video also to 480x272 resolution
(For all the Folks that use Dark-AleX Firmware since Rev. 3.03 OE-B, that allow decryption of mp4-AVC videos to play at 480x272 FULL-resolution !!)

I think you´re make many user very happy with this!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: