DVD Drives, which ones can rip at >8x

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I keep a Pioneer DVR-107d in my computer because it was the last drive that I could find instructions for that defeated the 2x DVD rip limitation. I've got a ton of other Pioneer drives around the house from DVR-109 through DVR-112. I also have a recent model ASUS and a a couiple of Samsungs with LightScribe capability. The 107 has been acting up recently (it has a ton of time on it), and I want to replace it with something reliable that will rip at at least 8x (full rip speed would be better).

    Am I just behind the times in terms of rip technology? Can my DVR-112 be set to rip at full speed? Any help would be reatly appreciated.
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    Dvd writers write. Dvd recorders write and can record from tv signals.
    Dvd programs rip.
    But that's alright. We understand what you mean. And that's the only thing that counts.

    Most of them now write at 16x. This makes it convenient for those people who get peeved at waiting for the drive to finish.
  3. Most write at 16x as cool_desac said... but that's of course taking into account your hard drive speed, which hard drive and burner interface type you're using, your amount of RAM, possibly CPU speed, and such.

    Technically mine can do 16x, but I max out at 6x since I'm still on a sub 1 GHz processor with SDRAM (no DDR for me, yet...) using IDE (instead of SATA which I also can't use yet.)

    So keep that stuff in mind...
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    DVD burners can also read--and hence, rip. And you do not necessarily require a special dvd program in order to rip.

    No. You didn't. The OP is talking about riplock limitations on certain burners.

    There are several different versions of that burner. Is it the Pioneer DVR-112D? It's not riplocked. For read/ripping speeds visit http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Pioneer-DVR-112D-DVD-Burner-Mini-Review/Reading-performance.html
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    @ Klaus Springfield,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    It appears that you have a couple of Pioneer DVD Burners (DVR 109-DVR-112). Suggest that you visit the MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool Web Page (http://ala42.cdfreaks.com/MCSE) and read up on the “Rip Lock” (Drive Read Speed) patch that the MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool can apply to Pioneer DVD Burners (DVR 109-DVR-112) Firmware that will “Speed Up” the “Ripping Speed” of Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

    For Pioneer DVR 109-DVR-112 Firmware suggest visiting the Dangerous Brothers Web Site (http://tdb.rpc1.org) for look for the particular Pioneer DVR 109-DVR-112 Firmware.

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    Benq & Lite-On DVD Burners

    I am a great fan of Benq and Lite-On dvd burners. I've never run across a drive from either of these manufacturers that has riplock set in the firmware. And given recent corporate changes, both of these drive brand names are most likely the same drives anyway with the newest models.
    If you have need to rip at high speeds, you might look into one of the newer Lite-On sata dvd burners, if your computer supports a sata optical drive connection.
    I currently use a Lite-On 16A7S (sata) and a Benq 1650/1655. Both perform well.