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DVD Drive doesn't detect DVD unless PC boots with DVD/CD in drive!

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by BadBoyTazz, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. BadBoyTazz

    BadBoyTazz New Member


    First off, I would like to thank you guy's for creating a Great Product! a friend introduced me to you software 2years ago & i've never used any thing els since then!

    Now i hate to start off on a forum with a problem but i've run out of ideas!

    Ok so here is the deal!

    I recently formatted & re-installed my PC! So i'm going through the usual run about of installing drivers, apps that i use regularly when after installing anyDVD my PC refuses to read DVD's or CD's unless the PC starts with a CD or DVD in the drive!

    So at that point i didn't realize it was anyDVD since there was a couple of other programs installed before i needed a CD again! So i swapped the drive on the cable, changed the drive letter, removed the drive in Device Manager & rebooted so that Windows can re-install it!

    so i started of by removing Virtual Clone Drive & it "worked" but when i started up last night it started again! So i remove anyDVD & re-install Virtual Clone Drive & it works perfectly! Re-Install anyDVD trouble starts up again...

    I'm installing anyDVD v6.1.6.5, on WinXP Pro SP2, the only other programs installed is History Kill, PowerDVD, Avast & Spybot Search & Destroy! The DVD drive is a LG DVD-RW Lightscribe drive

    I reverted back to a previous version of of anyDVD (not sure witch one) for the time being & it works perfectly!

    I hope there is someone here that can point me in the right direction!

    Thanx for the help!

    & Once again keep up the good work, Great Product!

    Edit: PS: I've installed v6.1.6.5 on my work PC & it seems to do the same!
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  2. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

  3. BadBoyTazz

    BadBoyTazz New Member

    Old version :confused: (was new not to long ago :) , but i guess you guy's update a lot with DVD protection etc changing almost daily)

    Thanx i'll download it today & let you know what's up tomorrow or so!