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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by stve, Mar 7, 2008.

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    hoping someone can help me:
    i installed a new dvd-rom drive today and notice that Windows has chnged the drive letter from "h" to "D". When i place a disc into the drive Clone DVD can't read it because the default letters"H' keep coming up instead of "D" and i can't find any settings to change it to" D' the new drive. I'm assuming that i have to un-install Clone DVD then re-install hoping Windows assigns the correct drive on installation, or do i have to re-install both programs?(Any DVD is reading the drive correctly)

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    Right Click My Computer > Click on Manage > (If using Vista you may have to click continue in the popup window) Click on Disk Management > Right Click on the drive concerned > Click on Change Drive Letter and Paths > Click on Change Button > Click on drop down (where you can already see a drive letter) > Select drive letter of choice > Click OK.
    Close any/all windows & reboot.
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    drive letter

    thanks for the response, i actually corrected the problem by using the "browse" button on Clone DVD (funny how i've nener noticed this button before) and it asks you where your video drive is (letter) oncee i changed to that, everything was normal!

    Thanks again