Downloadable PowerDVD Ultra BR-Reset Keys Here

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    Here are 4 keys to reset the Blu-Ray-Region counter of PowerDVD Ultra, so you no longer need to go to Regedit.


    These Region keys can reset the Blu-Ray counter and change the defaultt Blu-Ray-Region of PowerDVD Ultra in Windows XP.

    The key "BR-RegionA.reg" sets the default Blu-Ray Region to A and the counter to 99999 changes;
    the keys "BR-RegionB.reg" and "BR-RegionC.reg" work in the same way
    for the Regions B and C.
    The key "BR-RegionX.reg" sets the counter to 99999 changes WITHOUT changing the current Blu-Ray Region.

    Just double-click on one key and when asked whether to add the information to the Registry, click on "Yes."


    For more comfort, you should install an icon of PowerDVD Utra in this BR-Reset folder and replace the desktop icon of PowerDVD Ultra by a desktop icon of this folder, so you can start the player from here directly after resetting.


    Enjoy your now multi-Blu-Ray-Region-patched player :) ,

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    Work like charm