Downgrade UHD drives to "friendly" the easy and safe way

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    I'm not terribly concerned about updated readability and EC. This isn't the forum to discuss why. :)
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    Also for others, No, the 2nd link is DANGEROUS, because it's actually using Dosflash, which overwrite whole EEPROM, that thread is older from 2018, where they seem to have issues with the safer method with the LG-Tool,which seems to reject downgrading due to a UHD-(UN)-Friendly-firmware, at least a certain higher version which blocks downgrasding to lower firmware versions.
    With the newer method with that LG-Tool and the specially adapted Clean-firmwares, metioned here in 1st post, this is no longer an issue, and people can do the much mafer method with the LG-Tool as it protects, the unique encryption+CB-data from UHD unit's, necessary for UHD-support:

    As soon people should try to use Dosflash, it's very important to first dump UHD-unit's-original-firmware, first to make safety backup, to make sure Dosflash is in "Read-Mode"
    (Dosflash 1.7 + FreeDOS in the specific Dosflash_1.7-dialog-text-menu with "R" button, R =Read)
    Or in Dosflash 2.0 +WinPE making sure that the Dosflash-Read-Tab is selected, so that in Dosflash-window in bottom field you see "Read-flash"!!

    Dosflash in Write-Mode overwrites whole EEPROM area<=Which is DANGEROUS!!
    , also the unit's specific CB+encryption EEPROM part-segments, which are necessary for UHD support, when flashing wrong firmwares!!

    firmwares (for writing with Dosflash), which destroy your UHD unit (if you haven't got backup):
    any "Clean"-firmwares without preparation (only for the LG utility), any "Clean"-firmwares " made from any dumps by e.g. Dump-cleaner etc. without further preparation (only for the LG utility), any specially-prepared Clean-firmwares (only for the LG utility) without preparation steps,
    any firmwares-dumps from other UHD unit's without preparation steps (if at all only for the LG utility),
    any dumps from "Devilsclaw"-flasher (incomplete) and dumps not being from Dosflash without preparation steps (if at all only for the LG utility)
    also any of those firmwares falsely prepared with (in)complete CB+encryption-data, not transferred over correctly from original unit's dump
    <====Wrong (un)suitable<===which destroy your UHD unit (when writing with Dosflash-method)

    A suitable firmware (for writing with Dosflash) under following condition
    As soon people should try to use Dosflash, e.g. for writing anything to UHD-units EEPROM, it's very important to first dump their own UHD-unit's-original-firmware first to make safety backup, so to make sure Dosflash is in "Read-Mode"
    (Dosflash 1.7 + FreeDOS in the specific Dosflash_1.7-dialog-text-menu with "R" button, R =Read)
    Or in Dosflash 2.0 + WinPE making sure that the Dosflash-Read-Tab is selected, so in bottom window field you see the "Read-flash" button!
    Then after Backup, using EEPROM-data-mover to transfer over the CB+encryption data from your unit to the "Clean"-firmware (so being prepared further), then (potentially) suitable for flashing with Dosflash.

    I think all those sources of error (and all mostly without solution) with older Dosflash-method should make it clear why to better use the new method: ;)
    The Dosflash-method is for people who just intend backup their original-unit's firmware at first, knowing what doing, not for people who want to quickly flash with Dosflash, without backuping, so not for those who're expecting/hoping for success when trying to flash that and that, and if not that helping, maybe next firmware etc.

    If using Dosflash: Tip:
    Just Dump your firmware with Dosflash, so just use Dosflash to read out whole EEPROM with original-UHD-unit's firmware, but do not use it to write anything(!)

    For writing to EEPROM for Up/downgrade /crossflash then just take the new safe method :)
    This is e.g. how SamuriHL is doing it, if I remember correctly :)
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    I've done it both ways successfully but that's because I took time to learn and didn't flash anything until I was sure I knew what I was doing. There is no reason at all for people to be using the dosflash method anymore. Quite frankly it's best to use Marty's patched ASUS windows flasher with a downgrade enabled firmware or in the case of the Asus drive the mk 3.10 firmware that mikech created. I've seen so many people screw up the dosflash method by not fully understanding it. There is only one very specific case where I've seen a windows flasher destroy a drive. And that has been happening because people aren't taking the time to learn. That particular case is when people with old ns40 drives with the wrong service code flash the ns50 firmware and they end up bricking the drive. Other than that specific case there have been no issues with the windows flashers. It's definitely the method that should be used at this point.

    Tldr Stop using dosflash and start using the patched Asus flasher from Marty.

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    Makemkv is down :( anyway feel free to add my how to video to the op for the flasher
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    It's back up, but, yea that's a great video to have.
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    Guys, I used this method to downgrade my S40 with perfect results the first time! Thanks for sharing this.

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    Hi there, just a quick one if someone can help me out.

    Purchased a Asus external drive 16D1H-U, which actually contains a Asus drive with FW A204 (not the pioneer). I immediately updated it with MK FW 204 through modified Asus FW Changer.

    What should I do now?

    1) Downgrade to the 201 version found here (but I believe I should avoid doing the entire part of the dump I'm using the modified Asus fw changer.. please gently clarify if possible)
    or 2) the fw 204 Mk version is already good to go?

    I purchased few years ago a license of anydvd hd, so I guess it should be fine, but don't have any available 4k disc at the moment to test.
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    MK firmware is good to leave it.
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    Thank you very much!

    Edit 04/Jan/2020: It works great!!!
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