Dolby Vision does not work with UHD discs

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by coopervid, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Actually 3 total that Reto should have access to in EU and all of them are with the same symptoms. Bleached out video if compressed to 50Gb and playing from disc in my LG UP970 player: 2001, A star is born and Skyscraper

    EDIT: maybe there are more. I don't know....
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    Just throwing some data at this not that it helps at all. My UB820 plays my 2001 BD-RE 50 partially full backup perfectly with Dolby Vision. What I mean by partially full is that I selected ALL titlesets, but, I removed non-english audio and sub tracks. And compressed it down to 47 gigs with my 1060 to an ISO. Wrote it out with ImgBurn and it's playing back perfectly.

    So yes, it looks like it's an issue with that particular player for whatever reason. Like I said, I know this doesn't help but it at least gives one more data point.
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    if you guys have now a clue what the reason would be that DV does not work on some discs compressed to 50GB: I have now a couple of 50GB BD-RE discs and would be ready to test. Just send me an alpha version and I will try and give feedback.