Does Blu-ray or HD DVD use padding?

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    just wondering, DVDShrink uses disk padding to reduce DVDs in size, while retaining much of the quality, and, most importantly, the full resolution.

    My question is, do Blu Ray and HD discs also use padding when they are mastered ? If so, is there perhaps someone out there, who would be able to make a small tool that works basically like DVDShrink, but on hi-def material, so that our extracted files on the harddisk can shrink even more ?

    I mean, sure, I'm down 15-50% on the full disc size, depending on the movie, but wouldn't it be cool to go even lower while retaining the full resolution ?


  2. seeya

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    There is a very small amount of padding, but it's really not much. If you remux to Matroska (e.g. with eac3to), all padding will be gone.
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    the m2ts container uses 6% padding, you could also save more space by removing languages and sound tracks you dont need.
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    Yeah, THAT I have been doing. I just figured it might be more than 6% -