divX or MP4?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Niall, Sep 24, 2015.

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    I am using clone mobile ( I have just downloaded it for trail) to back up a dvd film to my PC for later use on either my phone, or on to a USB stick or on to a dvd disc.

    I have been given the options of saving the film on to the pc as "divx or mp4 "

    Which is best and what is the difference please?

    Someone has mentioned H.264 and mp4?????

    I have Google it and don't understand that much.

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    H264 is a video codec, mp4 is a CONTAINER containing the video and audio streams in 1 file with the extension .mp4
    divx is a very old video codec and container (.divx)

    that's pretty much it though.
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    So which is best MP4 or the divX option?
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    That is a decision only you can make. However DIVX files can require the player to be licensed for divx content as sometimes it can use its own divx codec (some standalone devices firmware menu has the option to do just that). DivX is severely out of date compared to the widely used and supported mp4.

    I would recommend MP4, but as that's just a container you'll need to check your player manual which video/audio codec it supports in the mp4 container.
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    I am trying different back ups and report on my other post from last night which one works for me.