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Disc quality scans


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Mar 15, 2007
In the past you could check disc quality with OptiDriveControl and Liteon drives. However, the combination is limited to 2-layer BD discs @ 50GB max.
There is now a possiblity to check larger discs > 50GB with Vinpower VPTools in combination with a LG friendly / official drive that is flashed to LG WH16NS58 1.V5 MK firmware. The drive will still read UHDs and can also scan burned discs for quality. Anyone interested let me know.
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I am interested in doing burned disc quality checks on 50GB+ discs as described above and in the post "The long lost art ...".

The main drives I'm finding that are flashable to the MK LG WH16NS58 V1.5 firmware (and are commonly available) are the LG WH14NS40 and WH16NS40 and ASUS BW-16D1HT, ranging in price from about $50 to $100.

Is there any reason that any of these drives is strongly preferable to the other when just used for this purpose? Thanks in advance for your advice!