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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by jjackflash, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Has anyone had the problem when backing up a disc.the director narrating over the whole disc?
  2. fast eddie

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    Yes, its because you usually have two audio streams on your back-up.

    Usually this happens by accident, or automatically on some disks, but just before you are ready to rencode your back-up, verify you have ONLY ONE audio selected, the HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO which is usually the main movie, and NOT the two channel or AC-3 audio which is usually the director talking seperately or over you high definition audio.

    Happened automatically on the Karate Kid movie
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  3. Ch3vr0n

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    Having more then 1 audio stream shouldnt have any effect on wich audio gets played back first. Thats how i backup ALL my discs, main movie audio AND narrator just preserve the menu's and i never have any issues. I do agree that stripping out the 3/2 channel audio will remove the chance completely as usual, but usually there's some setting off that results in audio narrating playing back first. I've reencoded over 400 dvds and every single one has main movie & narrator audio. I've never had issues
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    I've found that even when you think you know something, it's always better to begin by asking a question rather than stating what you think is fact. It shows intellectual humility and a willingness to be corrected (both virtues).

    Having said all that, you are incorrect. Having more than one audio stream with your movie only WILL influence what gets played first depending on how the backup is being played. I'm taking a guess that the poster is making a movie only m2ts file. Playing naked m2ts files is generally not a good idea because the markers that tell the playback device that it can decode the audio are not contained in the m2ts container. Hence, the first audio stream that has understandable markers will play back first. This is usually the audio commentary or some other language track that is not high definition.

    The other alternative is that the OP did create a movie only bluray structure, but his/her playback device can't decode high definition audio so it just decodes the first audio it can understand.

    This has been verified and discussed in many places on this forum and i've experienced it myself so it's pretty sound that this will be the result if the above assumptions are correct about how the poster is playing back the material.

    So some followup information that would be helpful is for the OP to tell us how he is playing back the backup and in what form the backup is in.
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    OP never said he was backing up a blu-ray structure. OP simply asked if anyone ever had a directors comment through the movie. Nothing more. If playing the files directly then y it will have an impact but i never do that, i only playback from discs
  6. PrincipalityFusion

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    True, he didn't mention backing up a Bluray, but i'd be surprised if he was backing up a DVD that windows didn't have the audio codec for. And there's alot of post on here with people having similiar problems. Most times it's that they are trying to play a naked m2ts file or they just don't have the correct codec.

    I guess it could be a DVD and he could have just copied the 2 wrong soundtracks. Either way, he does need to give some more detail about his environment.