Digital Rights Error

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Sep 25, 2020
Amazon Prime - When I play movies direct through Chrome they play fine

When I try to access them through AnyStream I get

Digital Rights Error
Your web browser is missing a digital rights component. Go to chrome://components and under WidevineCdm, click Check for update.

WidevineCdm is uptodate I have checked

Can anyone help ?

Sounds that you're clicking the "play icon". Those should not be visible in the current release. What your standalone browser has is irrelevant. The amazon side simulates a browser, it's that simulation that doesn't have the component for playback. You need to click the "downloadables" button at the top. Also please provide a screenshot if you can of what you see, and what you're clicking on that provokes that message. The blu circular play button should not be visible
@Ch3vr0n: Interestingly I noticed that when I first installed the application and then run it, the 'play' button was visible for long enough to be pressed and when pressed the missing components message was displayed, the 'Downloadables' button was greyed out - after exiting the application and launching it again, the issue was resolved.

@Robert Prosser: In addition to the advice from @Ch3vr0n, try exiting and relaunching the application ;)
@Ch3vr0n: You're right - while the downloadables button is greyed and the data is loading the play button appears - now rebooted - all sorted - thanks everyone. Robert
@Prospere maybe this gives you some info on this bug making the play button visible

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This, unfortunately, depends on the built-in browser, over which we have very little control. Prior to hiding all the "Play" buttons, I have to make sure the page is fully loaded, otherwise it would only hide some of them, it at all.

But we're looking into it, searching a better solution.