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    I learned how to rip, remux and backup the old way using 3319a. I saw the new Virtual clonedriver slysoft has so I tried it. I was alway a scared of using Daemon Tools the way it was discribed I thought I could have problems from the download source.
    I see now I can convert all my files to ISO files and they will play as a virtual drive. "That was easy!" Thanks slysoft:clap:

    It looks like the only thing I can't do is change movies from the couch. I have to walk to the media room and mount the new movie and start to play. Not a big deal. Also once I convert to ISO I can not covert back to a folder. This would require a rerip. I'm thinking I would never need to convert back and I would never have enough HD space to keep both.So once I convert to ISO I can always play from ISO.

    I can still rip,remux and then convert to ISO to save space. If I ever have issues I can rerip. Not a big deal. All I ever want on my rips is the movie and best audio source.

    I will want to batch covert but have to wait till I get a new HDD I only have about 300g of space left. I can see in a few months I will be setting up a server. I always thought playing from the HDD was a short term solution and when BD-R prices fell I could backup to BD-Rs. I see now that this is the way to go.

    I'm interested in setting up 2 versions of PDVD 3319a and the latest. When they get 8 to work and play full audio I will upgrade. I know they have a thread so I will look for it on how to setup the 2 versions.
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    Well I'm very happy with my ISO test. If for no other reason than I can use a 1920x1080 resolution with 3730d. I'm going to convert all my files to ISO, a few at a time till I get a new HDD.
    Has anyone had any problems converting? Anything to look out for before I delete the remuxed file. As it would be a pain to rerip. I can convert in 20 min, ripping and remuxing takes 2 hours