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    GameJackal pro :

    Release v4.1.1.2 - release (2010-12-04)
    • Fixed an issue with the licensing system on unicode systems.
    • Fixed an issue with the help system (help was not being displayed at all).

    Download v4.1.1.2

    GameJackal entreprise :
    Release v4.1.1.2 - release (2010-12-04)
    • Fixed a Windows Server 2008 compatibility issue.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause an unexpected exception to occur.
    • Fixed a "hang on exit" issue.

    Download v4.1.1.2
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    Release v4.1.1.4 - release (2011-04-30)
    - Fixed a TOC driver issue that could cause a game to report no cd/dvd present.
    - Fixed the Securom 5019 error that was occurring with some older titles.
    - Additional client / server connection logging.
    - Updated German language files.
    - Updated Arabic language files.
    - A number of interface updates and fixes.

    La mise à jour est gratuite pour tous les membres qui sont enregistrés.
    C'est simple: Installer la nouvelle version sur votre version actuelle:
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    Release v4.1.1.5 - release (2011-05-20)

    * Fixed a client / server connectivity issue experienced by some users.
    * Fixed a bug that could cause the client to crash for not apparent reason.
    * Added the ability to change the client's target host name (used for the debugging of client / server issues).