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Daylight Savings Time

I think they should have daylight saving time year round. I hate the short days
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Daylight savings time has nothing to do with the length of the days...:D
If your up 24 hours a day then daylight hours in a day makes sense. Most people are up at 7am till 11pm....Hense the days "seem" longer
Daylight savings time has nothing to do with the number of daylight hours in a day :D

Latitude and time of the year determine the daylight/nighttime hours....

As said earlier, daylight shifting would probably be a more descriptive term.
I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. I have not returned home since 1980 but we had daylight savings time 365 days a year i.e. there is no clockchanging back and forth from standard to dst. :p :D

My brothers live in Kona Hawaii and I have to remember they're either 3 hours or 4 hours behind us. Depending on our Daylight Saving Time.