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    I been trying to load my iso (blu-ray) images with daemon tools lite 4.12.1.Is this the wrong version? I am making a image with imgburn 2400 with udf 2.50,there is no real directions for BD that I can find only DVD.It seems when I hit auto figure it only goes to 93% but says it is complete in the log. Is there some special way to make it emulate the BD drive? How do you guys who do this get it done. I want to load the image into pdvd 7.3.3516a,is this possible?
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    I keep asking what ver of daemon tool

    These teenagers at my house are just terrible about putting disk back in their cases,letting them pile up with music,scratching them.These are to expensive.If I could just load into a virtual rom,then this problem is over.I all ready went through the cutting them off from watching,but that only works so long.seems I am grounding every other week.I'm tired please give me a hint
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    just right click on the tray icon go to virtual CD/ DVD-ROM move to Device than to mount image than browse for the image. when you do that pwr dvd might auto start if not than just look for the drive in pwr dvd were it asks you to select source thats it, DAEMON tools knows if its a hd dvd Blu ray etc.
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    Thanks,I finally figured it out,sort of.I was trying to make a iso after I ripped it to the HDD with anydvdHD and it never did work right.I never had tried to make the iso straight from the disk because of the warning that imgburn gives you about anydvd. I just tried about 2hr ago and all went well. I watched Underworld the 1st one and only messed up one time when Scott Speedman was turning in the back of the police car,it kind of studdered a bit.I have 9600 quad core Phenmon processor and it was only using 11% of cpu power.I did click on task manager to see how much it was using the cpu while making the iso.It shot up to 40% right when I opened up task manager then back down,maybe thats what caused the studdering in that part of the movie.Thanks for answering,I been trying for days to get that from someone!