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    First off, KUDOS to SlySoft. Great great product here, and thanks for your efforts.

    I recently got a Blue-Ray player in my PC and my CPU (Athlon64 4000+) is woefully inadequate to play back 1080p. I am considering getting an AthlonX2 4400+.

    My question is this, how much CPU horsepower does the AnyDVD HD driver require on top of that required to decode the video signal itself? And, when you guys "crack" BD+ (notice my confidence in you :clap:), will BD+ require more CPU usage than the current decoding requirements of AnyDVD HD?

    Basically, I want to know if I need a better CPU than the X2 4400+. I also have an overclocked Nvidia 7600GS, which is OC'ed beyond a 7600GT.
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    A newer graphics card is required.
    ATI 2600 or better will most likely sort you out (assuming you have a PCI-e)
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    I have an old Radeon X1800XL video card that doesn't help my X2 6000+ on decoding the video, therefore some blu-ray discs run 50-70% CPU usage, but I've had for example Resident Evil running 100%+ CPU usage and it was skipping once in a while. :( I need a new video card myself. :bang:
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    ok i got the athlonx2 4400+ installed. hard to tell exactly what fps Spiderman3 is playing at (1080p), but it does seem a little jerky. definatly not 30fps. but very watchable just the same! my cpu hovers around 80-90% all the time. I wonder if the jerkiness would be cleared up by a new video card. Why would it though, if the CPU isn't maxed out?