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copying a damaged dvd


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Mar 5, 2007
DVD XCOPY used to have a product called DVD XRESCUE which could possibly help one to recover a damaged dvd it it wasn't scratched up too bad. Does anyone know of anything similar to this out on the market today. Since 321 Studios is out of business my XRESCUE won't work and I would like this capability to recover a damaged dvd if necessary.
Have you tried cleaning the disc or having it buffed?
Cleaning is the first thing I try. I was just inquiring to see if there was such a product available in case cleaning or buffing doesn't work. Hopefully won't need it since has been using Any DVD to back up. Thanks.
You can use Alcohol 120 with anydvd running to burn the image to disc. It has an option to skip bad sectors. Mount to virtual drive (also included with Alcohol) and then rip or burn from there. I have used this method a few times successfully when I had a physically damaged disc.