Converting multiple titles shows only subtitles in first

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by pierat, Feb 26, 2008.

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    I wanted to convert some titles of the Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship - the first DVD of extra's (of the 12 DVD box) which I checked. On the next screen I chose Dutch subtitles (which are present for ALL titles on this dvd with the extras). But only the first extracted title had subtitles. The others were without. I tried it again with a different title as first and again this first title showed the subtitles and the others not. The only way to get subtitles on all the titles is to convert them separately. Slysoft (or others): is this a bug?
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    subtitles only in first movie of friends DVD

    I reported this bug here in this forum on Feb 26 but there was no reply. Not even from Slysoft. At that point I reported it with Lord of the Rings extras DVD but I also encountered it with a Friends DVD (season 1; 1rst disk): when I want to convert all the four movies at once to divx for my Archos 605 and I choose Dutch subtitles only the first movie of the four gets the subtitles. I think this is a serious bug.