Convert .MFD to .IMG file?

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by AK_DK, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. AK_DK

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    I have a set of files which I want to brun to a CD using CCD. The 3 files has the extension:

    .ccd (1kb)
    .mfd (0.5gb)
    .mds (20kb)

    With MagicISO I can open the .mfd file and see what it contains, but how do I convert the file to a .img file so I can burn it to a CD using CCD?
  2. pseudo555

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    Why don't you make your image with Clonecd first ?
  3. AK_DK

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    It was some files (packed in a .rar file) I downloaded from the internet. Last time I downloaded a cd like this from the internet it was a .img file and it worked perfect. My hope is to convert this file to a .img file and burn it like last time. Do you know this kind of file (.mdf) ?

    Is there any change CCD can use this file instead of a .img file?
  4. pseudo555

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  5. AK_DK

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    Just because the files were downloaded from the internet doesn’t automatic means it is illegal.

    As I told before I only have a . mdf, .mds and a .ccd file

    Can anyone tell me anything about these kinds of image files?
  6. pseudo555

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    You got it, but you don't make it, and in this case, it 's an illegal way.

    As I said before, make the image files from the disc.

    If it's a legal p2p use (ie : you download this file from ea Store), ask them how to use the given files.

    ps : mds/mdf is made by Daemon tools pro or alcohol, which are competitor.
    .ccd need .img and .sub files.