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    I have converted a number of blu-rays while in trial mode and had a few issues, including freezing after a minute or so, crashing when clearing the cache, unstable ‘Resulting size’ reading and having a flashing speech bubble from the beaver. Apart from the last item an automatic error log has been produced by the application, which I have passed onto Elaborate Bytes.

    However, I have one issue where the output from a ‘Complete copy’ conversion is heavily pixelated and after trying a few comparisons see some oddities with the settings feedback and the blu-ray structure.

    The blu-ray is ‘Oblivion’, which has an original size of 43GB. Setting the destination as ‘BD-R (25GB)’ gives a resulting size of 23.30GB with the slider arrow in the red section (hence the pixilation, I assume). In this instance, the feature file is 37.5GB.

    Another blu-ray tried is ‘Transformers 4’, original size of 41.69GB. Again setting the destination BD-R (25GB) gives a resulting size of 23.31GB. This time the slider arrow is in the yellow section and the result is good on a 24” screen. It could be argued, this being a slightly smaller original size will make a difference, however the feature file is 41GB.

    A further example is the blu-ray ‘Prometheus’ with an original size of 44.05GB. Settings as above using the same Resulting size producing the slider arrow in the yellow section and again a good result. In this instance the feature file is 36GB.

    Perhaps someone can see the reason for this occurrence or have a similar experience. I will convey these findings to Elaborate Bytes unless someone can point out where I am going wrong.