Conflicto: CloneDVD2 v2.9.1.0 & CHKDSK

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    :( Después de mucho “batallar” descubrí un conflicto entre CHKDSK y CloneDVD2 v. (En Windows Pro XP - SP 2) Cuando intentaba hacer un chequeo al arrancar del disco C:/ me daba el siguiente error:”No se puede abrir el volumen para acceso directo”. Desinstalé CloneDVD2 v. Luego eliminé: C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/Elbycdio (manualmente) y todo volvió a la normalidad. Desde luego; instale la versión anterior de CloneDVD. Todos los que tengan Windows XP Pro SP 2 e intenten realizar un chequeo de errores (al arrancar) mediante CHKDSK y tengan dificultades ahora sabrán el porque. Espero que en la nueva versión arreglen el problema. Saludos. Soy nuevo en esto (de los foros) si cometo algún error ruego me dispensen.:(
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    Maybe this should be moved again. To the appropriate language board.
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    wonder if its same prob i have at moment but cant read this wrong ling:disagree:
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    CHKDSK problem with CloneDVD version

    The original poster is reporting on the same problem I experienced which should be brought to the attention of the CloneDVD programmers/developers, and certainly anyone who may be experiencing problems using CHKDSK or DISKEEPER Degrag.

    Last week, I updated CloneDVD to version I am running WIN XP Home edition/ single user with adm privleges on the user account. Three days ago, I was preparing for my periodic system backup using Ghost 9.0 and was cleaning up the drives. I scheduled a CHKDSK on C drive at the next bootup and also a bootime defrag with DISKEEPER Professional Vers 9.0.

    Upon bootup, CHKDSK reported "couldn't open NTFS Volume: most likely cause; couldn't get exclusive access to C: drive" Possibly another process has access to the drive and CHKDSK failed to initialize for volume C:.

    I then discovered I could not run defrag because the C: drive dirty bit was set. The only way I could get DSKCHK to run was boot with the windows setup CD and enter the repair console to run it from there. Each time I ran CHKDSK from the repair console, I used the /r switch which found and repaired errors in the security descriptors. I have never experienced any errors on my drives previously when running CHKDSK.

    Once the CHKDSK has been run from the repair console, I rebooted and DISKEEPER would allow me to defrag the C drive. However, I could never get CHKDSK to run from bootup or could I ever get boot time defrag to run in DISKEEPER.

    I returned my system to a backup made on July 18, 2007 wherein CloneDVD version was installed. I still could not run CHKDSK or boot time defrag in DISKEEPER.

    I then returned my system to a backup made on April 1, 2007 wherein CloneDVD version was installed and at that point all was fine. I began running updates on my system and software, slowly and methodically updating and running CHKDSK and DISKEEPER after each update. Upon loading CloneDVD version, the problem returned. I uninstalled CloneDVD and the problem was fixed. I then reinstalled CloneDVD version and once again the CHKDSK and DISKEEPER problem reappeared. The most recent version of CloneDVD that I had a back up of that would work with CHKDSK and DISKEEPER was version, so that is the version I have loaded at this time. I am not sure at which version thereafter where the problem was introduced.

    I did exhaustive searches on the internet and knowledge bases at Microsoft and elsewhere for help in correcting the CHKDSK and DISKEEPER problems with no actual solutions. The only information I did find was the possibility of a software update or bad driver install that might have caused the problem.

    If any of you are experiencing problems running CHKDSK or DISKEEPER, I suggest you focus your attention to a possible problem with CloneDVD version and even a few previous versions.

    Finally, I hope the CloneDVD team can isolate the problem!!!!

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    Deberias de actualizar a la version en la cual ya esta solucionado ese problema ;)