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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by oluvinu, Aug 6, 2007.

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    hey all,

    i downloaded and tried the clonedvdmobile for zune conversion. it works ok , but their are problems with the colors i.e some scenes have large pixals like when you are under water or next to a wall.
    1-how can you fix this or is this a normal issue ??
    2- will clonedvdmobile ever offer a wmv stait conversion instead of allowing the zune to convert. i ask because it took me about 1 hour and 40 min to fully convert a movie to the zune (wmv ) format

    i guess the term for me is noob ?? :agree:
  2. Peer

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    Well, does create fully functional WMV files - only the Zune software a) still converts then and b) most of the time the software claims a flat "Error".

    So for now, you're stuck with the 1 hour and 40 minutes, sorry.
  3. robbieh

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    whats the point

    so what the fuck is the point of including zune support if the zune software still has to convert a second time? might as well continue to use clonedvd mobile to convert to ipod, then use the zune software to convert to zune.

    we were really hoping for clonedvd mobile to do this all in one step. slysoft team basically waisted their time. it took so long to announce zune support. and guys didnt even get it right.
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    "While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters."


    I'm really getting tired of people swearing on these forums. You have been banned for ten days. If you want help and wish to remain welcome here, you will be civil.
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    Yeah, we're a bunch of pretty stupid trolls, actually...

    Dear diary...

    today learned lots.
    Neighbor helped tie my shoes.
    First time feed myself. Must remember: fork in mouth not in eye.
    People ask for Zune support. Had no plan, let hammer drop on keyboard. Was delighted - so many beautiful characters appeared on big screen. Decided to make release. Made side note: "what is Zune-thing?"
    Tomorrow will make rocket navigation software for NASA. Very complicated. Might need bigger hammer...
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    that is AWESOME!!!!
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    zune conversion format question update

    well.... did not intend for a forum argument lol. i had tried the zune supported option with 1 2 and 3 pass options. i did not notice any difference in the 3. is their a way to tweak it so the end result is better? is it harder to produce a good result in WMV as opposed to mp4 ipod fornat ??? is thier a difference if i had tried it under the ipod 5gen or higher optoin?? is the result better if zune device converts ? or better if zune marketplace software converts? lastly will clonedvdmobile ever do a strait conversion to WMV ?? i have tried others and the quality on all other software seem avot as good or worse . will you guys do better??
  9. Michael777

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    SlySoft Support

    I don't see any sense for profanity in these posts. I have used SlySoft products for several years and found both their products and their support to excellent. Every time I have written about a problem SlySoft has provided a prompt and accurate response. Hence I am STILL using their products and will continue. Keep up the good work, guys!!!

    BTW I thoroughly enjoyed the response to the rude post. Quite brilliant and witty.

    :bowdown: :agree: :clap:
  10. FatVase

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    Might want to try

    I agree Michael777 with you, I love SlySoft products and even waited for CloneDVD Mobile to get Zune support, but I couldn't wait any long.

    I found something else that rips right into native WMV support for the Zune. It is about as fast as CloneDVD Mobile to make the encode, but the file transfers very quickly. I ripped GoodFellas into the Zune WMV and it transferred WITHOUT converting it in less than a minute.

    No I will not tell you what the product is. That would not be fair to SlySoft and I still own some of their products and do not want them mad at me.

    SlySoft, I will come back when you have WWMV support for the Zune profile in CloneDVD Mobile.

  11. roachgod

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    If the Zune is as reliable as the XBox 360...

    I own a red-ring-of-death-XBox360. It broke down again... one week after it had been repaired. After app. 8 hours of gaming in total. Same error. I lost a lot of money because of this. My games are unplayable now and the console isn't worth a cent anymore. All my downloaded, payed-for content is usless now, too. I'd rather chop my head off with a chainsaw than buy another 360 - let alone any other M$ hardware.

    Consider yourself warned against Microsoft hardware.
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    Zune support

    Although I agree that the language is not appropriate, his question actually is a good one. Packages are on the market that do direct Zune conversion. They do not have the issues that CloneDVDmobile has for some reason. I love the suite of products you guys make and will continue to use them. However, his question has a good point. It just all comes from confusion around us understanding the actual issues at hand. For example, why are other packages able to do straight conversions? What is different about the MP4 file the slysoft product makes?
    For now, I actually bought one of the products on the internet that does a straight conversion. I hope to move back to the slysoft product soon, as I like using one source for all my DVD needs.

    Just help me understand what the issue is please. I am willing to wait. I'm just confused on why this does not work yet.
  13. Scarpad

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    I Use both WinAVI and Gom Encoder, both can make a file that is playable on the Zune as a .wmv with no conversion neccessary.
  14. oluvinu

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    regarding winavi

    how is the quality of the conversion with those programs?? are they as good as when you ocnvert clonedvdmobile to mp4 and then use the zune to convert to wmv ?

    It is the quality of the movie that i care about more than anything.

    other zune softwares convert directly to wmv but the quality is horrible. slysoft is the only i noticed that is good , but have been holding off on use of clonedvdmobile or any other products until something worth the time and money is used.
  15. xxenclavexx

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    Native support for WMV files on the Zune

    I can't wait to get this support, I was so excited when I saw the zune support as an option in the new release of Clone DVD mobile. But once I wanted to transfer the movie over I did not understand why it still needed to convert. Does any1 know why this happens? I mean as far as I can tell the WMV looks to be in native format, with proper resolution.
  16. oluvinu

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    from what i understand clonedvdmobile puts it into mp4 format like the i-pod even though it says format option. your zune has to then manually convert by either the market place software or the zune player itself. good luck with the software converting though. i have it on 3 computers at home and it NEVER works even though microsoft says it will.