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    You are reviving a thread that has been dead since January of 2007. When the post you quoted was written DVD43 was dead. Now it appears development has recommenced.

    DVD43 is a third party program and should not be used when AnyDVD is used. Results when using it with CloneDVD might work or there might be problems. I wouldn't advise using it but people are free to do as they wish.
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    The readme of DVD43

    DVD43 Release Notes:

    Nov 17 2008 - v4.4.0
    Updated: better handling of DVDs with corrupt UDF table.

    April 9 2008 - v4.3.1
    Bug fix: some titles with corrupt UDF did not get decrypted.

    April 8 2008 - v4.3.0
    - improved decrypting of newer DVDs with corrupt UDF table.

    March 8 2008 - v4.2.0
    - improved decrypting of newer DVDs with bogus files.

    Feb 20 2008 - v4.1.1 (Note: Click on tray icon to access popup menu.)
    New features:
    - added hint bubble to show when busy reading the dvd.
    - added help file and link to DVD43 on google.
    Bug fixes:
    - some sectors at the end of a title did not get decrypted (bug introduced in 4.0.0).
    - the wrong key was passed for some titles.
    - faster reading on DVDs with bogus titles.
    - tray icon would disappear sometimes even though program was still running.

    16 Nov 2007 - v4.0.0
    - reads DVD with corrupt UDF file system.
    - some titles on DVD did not get decrypted.
    - faster reading on most DVDs.

    22 May 2006 - v3.9.0
    - solve crash from bogus vobu.
    - removed bad sector detection - this must be handled by dvd copy software.
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    Yeah, so what?

    May 22, 2006 - last dvd43 update
    June 2006 - nothing
    July 2006 - nothing
    August 2006 - nothing
    Sept 2006 - nothing
    Oct 2006 - nothing
    Nov 2006 - nothing
    Dec. 2006 - nothing
    Jan 2007 -- thread posted; my claim is made; dvd43 is deadware
    Feb 2007 - nothing
    March 2007 - nothing
    April 2007 - nothing
    May 2007- nothing
    June 2007 - nothing (over a year of nothing)
    July 2007 - nothing
    August 2007 - nothing
    Sept 2007- nothing
    Oct 2007 - nothing
    Nov. 2007-- someone decides to do something

    Dec. 8th, 2008, you sign up to bump a thread from Jan. 2007. You'll pardon me if I couldn't care less.
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    As already stated old thread, it was dead when they said it was no someone has updated it. Posting a change log does not make that statement change.