CloneDVD. Single file (movie only) output options similar to CloneBD?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Ron Hill, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Ron Hill

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    Hi folks. New on here. Getting my PC ready for backing up my movie collection for playback on my Oppo 203. I have AnyDVDHD installed (lifetime licence) and I am considering CloneBD for my bluray and UHD's and CloneDVD for some DVD's I still hold onto. It's clear that CloneBD can produce a movie only MKV (and other formats) from a UHD/Bluray but I am not sure what CloneDVD does in this department. The product description seems to stress physical media copying as the purpose primarily. I'd be most grateful if anyone can tell me what (if any) single file (movie only) options there are in CloneDVD.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    None whatsoever. You're looking for CloneDVD mobile. Do keep in mind, the 1.9x series is a bit buggy and long overdue for an update.

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  3. Ron Hill

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    Thanks Chevr0n. That's what I thought. I'll look for a different program for DVD's and go for CloneBD for my BD/UHD collection.
  4. blank

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    You can try CloneDVDmobile for 21 or so days.
  5. whatever_gong82

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    You can also try out Vso software for their DVD Converter program.

    It can convert a ripped DVD (from AnyDVD, of course) into formats like MKV. It has a trial period.
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  6. Ron Hill

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    Thanks whatever_gong82. I'll check that out.
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  7. blank

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    In what format do you need the DVDs for the Oppo ?