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    I figure this is where I can put requests for future enhancements for the product. Firstly, I have tried many products. This one works the best and is extremely reliable. Other I have tried, occasionally loose AV sync, produce poor quality output, etc.... I am not disappointed with CloneDVD.

    Ok, on to the suggestions:

    1. Need to load a file to transcode. In my situation, I like to get the VOB file onto my system. I use the full version on a media server to allow use through my house. I want to be able to load that file into the encoder to create an IPod/iPhone version. There is no way to load the vob file into the software.

    2. I would like to create 2 file types at a time. I know this will slow down the process but it won't double the time. This way I can get my high resolution file and my iPod file in one command.

    3. Point to a directory. The idea is, point to a directory, use all the video files in that directory as input, use the same names and then output to another format (i.e. iPod). This way I can convert an entire collection as a batch job.

    4. Provide a way to create and save custom profiles. I know I can edit the Device.ini file but then I must maintain it to avoid problems when the software updates itself. It would be a nice convenience since I do "tweak" the settings.

    As you can see, these are "refinements" not anything broken with the software. It would make life easier as we users are trying to deal with multiple output types and not always from a DVD source.

    Thanks for listening (reading) and Happy New Year to everyone!
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    Possible Help on the VOB


    I think I can help you on the VOB. I tend to back-up my DVDs to ISO files so I can play the entire DVD over the network to my media PC in my home theater setup without having to pull out a physical DVD.

    I use SlySoft's VirtualCloneDrive (VCD) to mount the ISO. Then it appears to the media player software that this is a DVD in a drive on that machine even though the ISO file is on a NAS elsewhere on the network.

    I'm 99% sure that you can also mount your VOB in VCD and it will then be accessible to Clone DVD Mobile through the VCD drive letter. VCD is a free download from SlySoft.

    Let me know if this works.