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    Just downloaded AnyDVD and clone mobile DVD trials and attempted to convert my first movie, the classic drama, "Spaceballs," on my Pentium 4 Dell 1.7 GHz with at least 256 RAM. I am wondering why it is so slow on my computer. Checked some of the threads regarding if the program becomes slow suddenly, and even tried some of the fixes, but none seemed to help me.

    1. could it be a memory problem? windows virtual memory had to be expanded while I was using it. I tried to close all of the processes that were chewing up memory, but that didn't help.

    2. could it be because one of my hard drives is nearly full (40GB has nearly 39.5GB on it) and I am not sure on the master/slave settings (installed a 160GB internal drive at least a year ago, but don't remember the settings).

    I am an acknowledged computard so simple responses would be appreciated.
  2. AtTheAsylum

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    Not sure what you mean by slow (you don't provide any examples) but as a guide on my system (P4 3.0Ghz with Hyperthreading, 1GB RAM) it takes approx 2 hours to rip a DVD to DivX and 8+ hours to rip a DVD to H264. My system is quite old now (approx. 3 years) - newer systems would be quicker.

    Your system would be even older based on the specs you provided. Say 5+ years?
  3. Ollie41903

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    Thanks for the reply asylum:

    Your estimations are correct, about 5 years old system with some minor upgrades. It took about 4 hours to convert to iphone format for clone DVD mobile.

    Does Zone Alarm firewall and/or Norton antivirus (I have both) interfere at all? Saw somewhere that it can limit the programs from functioning at all. Are they known to slow the DVD copy software?
  4. AtTheAsylum

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    4 hours to convert to iPhone (H264 AVC video takes a lot longer than DivX) format sounds right :) I'm actually a bit surprised it's that quick ;)

    Not sure about ZA and Norton. Have heard there may be issues with getting CD-M and AnyDVD to run but once they're up and running I can't see how they would affect performance unless they were sucking up a lot of CPU (eg: when performing a scan or an update).
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    New computer = STILL SLOWWWWW

    I just wanted to let everyone know that buying a new computer does NOT mean that you will improve your times. I have a brand new Dell XPS 630i with a quad core intel and 4G of RAM and an nVidia 8800 GTS w/512MB.

    Doesn't matter.

    Ripping to an AppleTV format took close over 4 hours on a standard movie backed up with AnyDVD. :bang:

    Just horrible.

    There are other tools available to rip - and they are FREE. Same movie, same everything - took about 1/5th the amount of time.

    I'm really amazed at how bad this product performs given the way the other products perform. I hope they get this product fixed.
  6. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Your video card is irrelevant. A quad core system might perform a little better due to the addition of newer Streaming SIMD Extensions but unless the extra three cores are being used in the processing they won't make a difference so you can't just assume the quad core system will fly compared to an older single-core system. I know that DivX and Xvid conversions can make use of multiple cores but you need to manually do it in your Devices.ini file. I'm unsure about other formats and multiple threads but check out information on Mencoder and in the extensions thread in this forum.

    Remember that CloneDVD mobile makes use of Mencoder and MP4Box so it will also be bound by any limitations that they may have. The advantage of CloneDVD mobile is the ability to do things similar to CloneDVD but instead do with converting from a DVD to a mobile format. I haven't seen free programs that offer as much power and flexibility in that department.

    Edit: CloneDVD mobile initially made use of FFMPEG instead of Mencoder but after 6 official public releases they made the switch in CloneDVD mobile
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  7. Webslinger

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    As Drinklyeanddie notes that's because you're not using Clonedmobile properly:

    They don't need to. You just need to learn how to use it properly.
  8. Ecuadorian

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    On my PC it took me 1/2 hour to encode a 2-hour movie to ZEN format. I use a Core 2 Duo E6300.
  9. Spanky

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    If you want to speed things up put some memory in the machine. If it is using virtual memory it will be too slow to be practical. Ram is cheap, you need at least a GB for most stuff.
  10. profcolli

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    The version of CloneDvdMobile is optimized for multiple cores. No more need to modify the devices.ini for that :bowdown:

    The OP's system is about as underpowered as you can get - 256MB ram can hardly run XP on its own and a HDD which is 99% full will be constantly thrashing. Hardly a good basis for judging anything, let alone video conversion software ;)
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    about that time

    time to get a new computer OP. you can get a decent one for $500-$1000. Why not do that and solve the problem? :p in other words, it's not the software that's slow it's your computer(you already knew that I'm sure) but there you have it.