Clonedvd-mobile and new EU laws

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    I use dvdmobile to get my DVD collection onto my phone. I was trying to get my Avengers Infinity War converted to my Android phone. It gave me strange errors about not finding some kind of file. (I know, I know, I should have made a note of the missing file error).

    So, I deleted it off the computer. Went to the web site, re-downloaded the latest version, and reinstalled.

    I attempted to restart the process. It appeared to work, until approximately one minute into the conversion. Then a large window opened up, and it mentioned software changes Redfox had to make to comply with recent EU laws. Within the text, it references going to (again, I should have written it down, but I thought my memory was better...) a site "HTTP://OSS.SLYSOFT.COM".

    I couldn't find that site (I know, I know, write stuff down), so I popped into this forum. Fortunately, my dvdmobile after 2 more attempts is now working. Regardless, I would appreciate the correct link to the "OSS" information, or towards one of these forums to get info on what is/has happened.

    As a side note, I really appreciate CloneDVDmobile. It is a valuable (perhaps overlooked?) piece of well done software. Perhaps people keep looking for updates, and since it isn't updated often, assume it is some kind of legacy software. I believe it isn't updated often, because it is so well done.

    Anyways, I appreciate all of your efforts. Thank you for any help finding the OSS thing.
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    the OSS part is a subdomain of the former slysoft domain. CDVDm uses ffmpeg which is open source, that OSS part is where the slysoft made their code available to be compliant with the GPL. I figured they just forgot to update that part.
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