CloneDVD but no way to pay from Paysafe Card account

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by alopeke, Jun 26, 2016.

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    The paysafe web site has a web purchase icon for CloneDVD but when you arrive at the Redfox site only Bitcoin and Credit cards are payment options. On the old slysoft site you could log into your Paysafe (Paypoint) account to make the purchase. Is this feature on the way?
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    Redfox Project <> Paysafe

    Which is a shame! As you know Paysafe Cards have to be topped up in multiples of 10 currency which most times leaves small amounts of money behind after a purchase which cannot be easily be spent. If and when you do get Paysafe, a donate to project might be a good use for this money. Otherwise, the T&C of Paysafe means that they zero off the account and keep it to themselves if its not used by year end.
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    You can buy CloneDVD from
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    Agree, i will never trust paysafe again. i bought$80- in paysafe funds, only to find out i couldnt use them (at SlySoft) b/c im in canada. Live & learn...