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Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by DrinkLyeAndDie, Feb 17, 2018.

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    Sadly, the CloneCD forum doesn't get much traffic but that could also be considered a good thing. Nonetheless, we seldom see updates because none are really needed. I do wish, however, that Blu-ray support for burning were added. It's great that reading support is there but no burning. It's a shame.

    I seldom have need for CloneCD these days given what I am usually doing and my workflow simply have no need for its use. Just recently, however, I ran into issues making a backup of a disc that I really needed to preserve and nothing I tried was working. The disc was a burned DVD-R of an old TV broadcast and had no protection of any kind but did, unfortunately, have an obvious visible flaw. How was I going to copy this disc successfully?

    Using AnyDVD alone to copy the disc to the HDD failed with a read error. Using CloneDVD failed with a read error. A competitor's product with their new special sauce for dealing with read errors failed. Other programs failed with read errors. Even RipIt4Me failed! Yeah, I dug deep through my old tools. Then as a last resort and a longshot I decided to give CloneCD a try to create an image so I could salvage the disc. It powered through the copy until it reached the problematic area and slowed to an absolute crawl but it kept chugging away and after quite some time it completed successfully. Not once did a read error message pop up. Just to test things I then mounted the resulting image and copied that with CloneDVD. While CloneDVD did inform me of corruption and possible mastering issues the copy completed and playback works.

    Anyway, I just wanted to post this because in my case CloneCD was a lifesaver in rescuing an irreplaceable piece of my media collection.

    NOTE: For the sake of clarify the disc I was copying was a DVD-R authored using third-party software. It was an old TV broadcast recorded live to VHS and then converted to DVD. Said material is impossible to obtain via retail means either on VHS or DVD. This made it even more important for me to be able to copy the disc to create a backup since I don't have current access to the source VHS or files used for the conversion to DVD.
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    I agree with you. I see a lot of folks come on here with an unprotected DVD that they can't get to work. They are usually on a DVD +/- R disc. AnyDVD usually doesn't work too well on unprotected discs (and why should it, it's job is to remove protections), but CloneCD (without AnyDVD running) will make a back-up of those in a short time.

    It would be nice if they could add the functionality of a 1-1 Bluray back-up same as the 1-1 DVD back-up it already has.
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    Forgive me for not understanding but the 1-1 Blu-ray backup... are you referring to CloneCD? You can't already? You can read Blu-ray to ISO and burn with thing-party burning software. Obviously, AnyDVD needs to remove the protection, of course. What am I missing?
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    I believe in this case 1:1 means making the iso and burning with CloneCD. For bluray you can do the first part with CloneCD but not the second as it lacks the knowledge to do so properly. I think it doesn't know the udf 2.50 file system required by bd's.

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    In that case I absolutely agree. I really would use CloneCD a lot more if it could do this. As it stands one of the main reasons I use CloneCD less is that I rarely actually buy CDs anymore and that's why I used it 90-95% of the time. For awhile I used it for Blu-ray image creation but since the AnyDVD ripper supports doing it why use another piece of software?

    I thought it understood UDF 2.5 in the reading part but that burning was merely to be added later. Furthermore, as far as my limited understanding goes I assumed this stuff was actually part of the Elby-related aspects of the software. All of the software use ElbyCDIO, etc, for reading and burning. I always use ElbyCDIO when using ImgBurn. An update to the burning engine - based on Elby's I thought - would allow this? Anyway, this is definitely over my head and I'm no developer.

    Regardless, I am still hoping that someday Blu-ray burnings gets added because I would definitely use CloneCD more often.
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    If Slysoft hadn't been so mercilessly butchered the hoped for update might be closer, or already an accomplished fact.

    Maybe some or all of the people who did CloneCD development with Slysoft didn't return under the RedFox banner. I don't know.
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    As DrinkLyeAndDie already suggested between the lines: it's hardly rocket science to make CCD burn Blu-rays.
    Let's face the facts, FurryGuy, there was/is -generously speaking- zero priority.
    The long-drawn-out Antigua incidents can't be made responsible for everything !
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    It's currently impossible if you want to use CCD itself to do the burning. The reading part is irrelevant here.
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    Thanks for your enlightening words :rolleyes:

    What i was trying to say is that in terms of programming it's hardly rocket science to make CCD burn Blu-rays.
    Even if you don't implement it quick & dirty it take no seven, no five, no three, not one, not half a year ...if you really really want it.
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    Let's face the facts that you don't have a clue what RedFox is doing internally. Not now, not EVER.
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    Correct, i don't have a clue what they're doing internally.
    You know what, i don't need to have a clue as i know a little bit about software engineering.
    And if something doesn't go public after several years it's safe to say it has very low or zero priority.
    It's as simple as that.