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    I recently upgraded to a new computer. It downloads to the temp file just fine, but when it goes to burn it to a disc it moves at a crawl. Does it have anything to do with changing from an HDD drive to a SSD drive? Thank you for your time.
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    CloneBD doesn't download, you mean it converts to a temp file? And that point CloneBD did its job. All it does then at that point is tell your burner 'hey, I got X amount of data for you to burn to disc. User prefers Y burn speed. Let me know when you're done.

    CloneBD requests a certain speed, however it's all down to the drive at that point what speed it supports burning the inserted disc at, and what speed you requested. None of which CloneBD can influence (except the requested burn speed)

    An no it has nothing to do with swapping drive type. Even a classic HDD can supply data faster than an optical drive can burn it, an SSD is even faster than that.

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