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    what is the correct way to copy a BLU-RAY movie using Clonebd ?
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    I note that in the German language forum there are 10 tutorials by Tecpro about CloneBD compared to 5 tutorials (also by Tecpro) in the English language forum. I assume Tecpro is an employee of Elby and that these tutorials are produced by Elby. If I am right would it be possible to have all the tutorials by Tecpro printed simultaneously in the English and German forums and eventually all the language forums.
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    You assume wrong.

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    In that case I want to thank Tectpro for the tremendous work he has done and is doing in simplifying the understanding of CloneBD's workings; something I believe Elby should be doing! My apologies for misspelling your name.
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    I could be wrong, but isn't this topic in the wrong section?
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    Nope, but you did resurrect a topic that has been dead for a year. Let's keep it that way shall we?

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