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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by BKVic, Dec 31, 2014.

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    Ive been using AnyDVD,CloneDVD and CloneCD for years and have never had a problem with anything that SlySoft has put out but Im having a problem with CloneBD. Ive made two copies of movies today testing out CloneBD and both play just fine in my PS3 but the problem is both of them are about the size of a duel layer DVD and not the 25Gig single layer blu-rays that I used. Is the test version limited in this way or am I doing something wrong? Is there any instructions on how to use this program? All other SlySoft programs are pretty much straight forword in use but CloneBD is a little tougher. I did chose the 25Gig Blu-Ray as the target size.
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    It's not limited nor are you doing something wrong, they are aware of clbd producing slightly oversized output.

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    Not sure what you mean by slightly over-sized output. I was using a 25GB Blu-Ray and it only used slightly more then 8GB for each movie on both of the copies. That would be a greatly under-sized output to me. I have also noticed the lip sync problems while watching both movies. How long is the test version of CloneBD good for? Before putting a good chunck of money down for it id like to know that these problems are fixed. If I remember correctly the other programs were good for 21 days. Is it the same for CloneBD?
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    8gb? You weren't doing a mobile output to like mkv or something did you? Are you sure the output size wasn't set to 'DVD-9'? that would explain the size. As for the lip sync issue, they are aware of it and working on a fix. AFAIK CloneBD is NOT limited in time duration but instead uses the watermark 'limitation' in the video method.

    So of you choose to buy it now, as always a lifetime is the best choice. So if it took a few weeks to a few months to iron the kinks out of the early versions, you won't lose out on license time ;-)

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    No, I picked the 25GB Blu-Ray option, not sure whats going on but hopefully they get the bugs worked out and this program works as flawlessly has my other Slysoft goodies! All of my other programs have lifetime updates and Ill get it for this as well. If this program works as good as CloneDVD it will be money well spent!
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    Which option did you pick. Full disc copy or partial copy? Cause 8GB for a full disc definitely isn't right if you picked BD25.

    Try to reproduce it but don't burn straight to disc, as in do the job again but don't close the program after conversion has finished and set output method to ISO or folder structure. Once conversion has finished, check the ISO size or folder structure size. If it's severely undersized again, go back to CloneBD and on the final screen hold down the ALT key. 2 buttons will pop up, one of which will say "create and email logfile".

    Click that one, say what happened (undersizing), what you were doing EXACTLY, what your settings were,...

    this will help the devs narrow things down if there's a genuine problem.
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    I bought the lifetime licence a few days ago.
    And like you i produced two 9GB movies.
    I think i did something wrong when i was choosing the settings.
    The third attempt i created a 23GB movie. But kept jumping to the main menu every minute or so.
    After a bit of feedback and a few nights playing around with it, i managed to rip a 23GB blu ray that doesnt jump.
    It plays well and sound good.
    The only gripe now is the audio on conventional bluray players is the directors comments.
    My next scrum is sorting out that audio.
    Once thats done i will burn the movie to a HTL disc that came with my writer.
    Then it goes in my sleeve :)

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