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    Ivan Admin Staff Member (64bit) (32bit) 2020-05-08
    • fix: correct tagging for 2160p@60Hz video
    • improved: updated AVC video encoder for better and faster video encoding
    • improved: updated HEVC video encoder for better and faster video encoding
    • improved: new AAC encoder with better audio quality
    • improved: full support for DTS-HD audio streams (7.1 audio; secondary)
    • improved: full support for TrueHD audio streams with high sampling rate
    • improved: better handling of Dolby Atmos audio streams (some streams still may not decode)
    • improved: better handling of 192 kHz sampling rate audio streams
    • improved: better multi-channel audio mixing
    • improved: full handling of AVCHD discs made by BD recorders
    • improved: handling of all meta-data in video streams
    • added: new algorithm for adaptive bitrate
    • added: more constant bitrate when output is TS
    • fix: lossless audio copy when input it LPCM at 96 or 192 kHz
    • fix: various A/V sync with small clips
    • fix: memory leaks for extremely long clips
    • fix: Dolby Vision meta-data in a few clips
    • fix: AVC encoding parameters to be more compliant with BD standard
    • fix: subtitle decoding when the dimensions are wrong
    • fix: MPEG-2 video with broken NTSC CC meta-data
    • fix: VC-1 should finally work with all sub-types of interlacing
    • fix: invalid selection of some SSE4 instruction availabilty on some AMD CPUs
    • fix: handling of lossless video when the GOP size is extremely long in MKV files
    • fix: detection of endianness of LPCM audio
    • fix: MP4 container is more compatible with the latest MacOS (for playback)
    • fix: crash when subtitles are very small
    • fix: Matroska file header is more compliant to the "standard"
    • many minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages