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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member (64bit) /32bit) 2019-10-31
    • fix: some subtitles had no color and had been displayed fully transparent
    • fix: some subtitles had invalid display sizes in .mkv files
    • fix: VC-1 decoding for more rare interlaced streams
    • fix: MPEG-2 proper handling of user data which contained legacy NTSC on-screen closed captioning
    • fix: long streams may have produced an invalid MP4 container what couldn't have been played by all players
    • fix: crash for misaligned MPEG-2 streams
    • fix: improved support for Japanese AVCHD recorders
    • fix: AAC audio encoder channel mapping, audio overflow
    • fix: certain UHD setups would cause a crash when converting to Blu-ray
    • fix: possible crash for clips with an invalid duration of 0
    • improved: support for upcoming 64-core Ryzen processors (enjoy!)
    • updated: AVC software encoder to latest
    • updated: HECV software encoder to latest beta 2019-10-02:
    • fix: handling of subtitles in 3D SBS/TAB mode (caused crash and/or invisible subtitles)
      a note on 3D subtitles in MKV-SBS: various players require different formats
      Due to the absence of any kind of specification, getting proper display is a matter
      of luck. If you notice incorrect subtitle display, please contact us with details, so
      we can support all players at some point.
    • workaround: movies with incorrect language tags in PMT, regenerate PMT with correct values
    • fix: possible crash when analyzing AVC streams
    • fix: scaling of black portions in complex subtitles
    • many minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages
    • Note: improved AMD HW encoding/decoding support for the latest GPU versions will be added in the
      next release, stepwise Intel and/or AMD acceleration support for 3D and HEVC10 will be
      implemented through upcoming beta versions.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.