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    Nero cd/dvd speed will let me set the booktype on dl media, but on +r media it doesn't give me a choice. What do I do?
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    It's possible your burner doesn't support booktype changes on +R blank media--or does so automatically. Do step 8 from here please, so we can see what you're using (you don't need a disc; just give me the anydvd status screen with your burner drive letter selected):
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    Optiarc Dvd Rw Ad-7170a 1.02jul14,2006

    Thanks 4 your help
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    You can also ask at AfterDawn Forums:
    AfterDawn is so much better than CDFreaks, IMO. Afterdawn has been the cause of an awful lot of sales at Slysoft, yet are hardly ever mentioned. After seeing that CDFreaks recommends TDK, as good media, they have lost all credibility, as far as I'm concerned (which they didn't really have any with me, to start with).

    I don't work for AfterDawn, but have been a member for a few years, and have seen how Slysoft products have been recommended, over all the free software, by a big portion of the members (including me). You could return the favor, instead of constantly recommending another site, that has half the credibility...................
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    Ditto on CDFreaks......TDK good media? next copy good software? I never cared for the forum before but that does it for me.
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    Liggy and Dee create the firmware that most people use on their Nec/Optriac drives (in fact, James uses their firmwares)--and they post and support their firmwares in the cdfreaks forums. This is why I mentioned it--and really that probably would be the best place to post if you're intending to use those firmwares.

    The other thing to also keep in mind is that Olli and James use to post frequently in the Slysoft forum at Cdfreaks. So a lot of official Slysoft support use to be sourced there.

    As for TDK, not everyone at cdfreaks recommends using TDK. In fact, I don't think all TDKs are horrible (dvd-rws aren't too bad if you can find them). Only that if people are experiencing issues (especially with the single layered ones sourced from Costco in North America), maybe *cough* Taiyo Yuden Premium, Verbatim, Maxell Broadcast Quality, or Maxell Plus (a lot of these were Taiyo Yuden anyway, actually) would make better choices.

    The disc scan forums at cdfreaks are very good.

    That said, while I have nothing against many who post at cdfreaks, I can't say I agree with everything cdfreaks does. But I'm not interested in getting into it.

    If I happen to find something I like at Afterdawn, I'll link to it.

    Does another forum officially host and support Liggy and Dee's firmware? The point I'm making is that I don't link to cdfreaks simply because I'm in love with cdfreaks. If you think I'm showing some kind of favoritism, please think again.
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    Just a ?

    Does any Slysoft Product Book Type or Must I use the Nero Program?
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    No. Your burner must support bitsetting changes as well.

    For "+R, +RW, +R DL" blank media, change the booktype of the blank media you're using to "dvd-rom", if your burner supports bitsetting changes. This step improves the chances of playability in/compatibility with (standalone, mostly) dvd players. The best way to do this is through the software that came with your burner (if possible).

    Otherwise, use Nero cd-dvd speed to do this if you have to:
    This is a free program. (Insert the blank media in your burner. Select your burner in the drop down box at the top of the screen. Click "Extra", then "Bitsetting". Make the change to "dvd-rom" and click "set".)

    If Nero cd-dvd speed doesn't work for you (options are greyed out), do this:

    a) Download and install imgburn:
    This is also a free program
    b) Insert your blank media in your burner.
    c) Select your burner in the "Destination" drop down box.
    d) Click "Tools"-->"Drive"-->"Change Booktype"
    e) Choose your burner type
    f) Under "Change For:", select what you're using
    g) If your current setting is "dvd-rom", leave everything alone and exit Imgburn and ignore step "h)"
    h) Under "New setting", select "dvd-rom". Click "Change" and then "Ok". Exit Imgburn

    Some drives lose their settings each time you eject, so you might have to do this each and every time before you burn.

    You can skip this step if your burner defaults booktype to "dvd-rom" automatically with the various +R types of blank media.
    You can also skip this step if you're using dvd-r, dvd-rw, or dvd-r dl blank media.

    Not all burners support bitsetting for +r, +rw, or +r dl blank media.
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    Hi :)
    Try this, it works for some & not others. But there's no logic to it. Alexander Noes AutoBitsetting. :bowdown:
    Bitsetting: ;)
    Here's the frog aspi it refers to as well. 8)
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    I have just seen a post over @ AD where a member says how good TDK is with the Samsung SH-S203B.
    (Nero : - show your CD Quality Scans[2]).
    Just goes to show each to their own.
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    Was "Newbie" under his name?
    If you look hard enough, you'll also find one fellow that raves about Memorex being good media! There's one in every crowd. But there's a lot more than one, at CDFreaks, that recommends TDK, from what I've seen before.........
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    i use memorex for unimportant things :D but i would never recommend it for anything that needs to last. i only use verbatim for that ;)
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    booktyping response

    Reason I asked is I backed up a single layer DVD using nero instead of Clone DVD or Clone CD and it changed the DVD+R to DVD-ROM so I am assuming my burner supports bitsetting?
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    Yes, it does. If you use Clonedvd or Clonecd, then you may want to go through the steps here: click

    (It's also possible your burner's firmware supports auto-bitsetting already anyway). Anyway, I'm sure everyone else here will guide you through.

    Click to learn how to use Clonedvd:

    Click to learn how to use Clonecd:
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    BT? again

    Checked Nero CD/DVD speed checked booktyping close out of nero and an icon for nero drive speed remained in the tool tray, do I launch Nero Drive speed then use Clone DVD or CD or does Drive speed as with AnyDVD automatically run in the background?
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    You don't need cd-dvd speed running in the background. After you click "set", just click "close", and exit. You should then run Clonedvd.
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    BT? again

    Thank you the assistance is much appreciated.:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::clap::clap
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    You're very welcome!