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    hi i am running version im trying to make profiles so that i dont need the cd games im trying are battle for middle earth 1 & 2, StarCraft, and Battlefield 2

    none are letting me play without a cd
    can someone post a tutorial or link to one please?

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    A solution for Starcraft and Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle-Earth

    I don't have all of your games - but I have a partial solution. Welcome to the forums;)

    - Starcraft.
    In January this year Blizzard decided to remove cd-check all together. So you don't have to create a profile anymore. Follow these guidelines from Blizzard.

    - Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle-Earth

    I don't know what pc-configuration / OS you are running - but I have run LOR-TBfME I successfully sine GameJackal build v2.9.18.577 (beta) on Windows XP SP2

    Look here:

    List your PC-specs / OS - type so forum members with a similar setup can aid you further.:)
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