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Casino Royale Playback Issue on Xbox 360?


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Feb 2, 2007
First time I've encountered this problem (really, any problem with a back-up) and didn't see anything about it when searching the forum.

Took my back-up copy of Casino Royale to the lake house (better it be possibly damaged). The playback device was an Xbox 360. The back-up DVD played fine until about 90% of the movie was over - then started skipping/pausing. The problem did NOT resolve itself by trying to skip forward a bit.

Tried re-inserting the back-up copy of the DVD into the Xbox 360 (intending to fast-forward or chapter skip to where we were).

This time, however, the Xbox 360 would not read the back-up copy at all. Hmmmm.

Inserted *another* back-up copy of a different movie ("Open Season" - for the kiddies) into the Xbox 360. That movie, at least, started to play (didn't watch the whole thing). Re-inserted back-up Casino Royale and . . . still no go - just a blank screen. More hmmmm.

Inserted back-up Casino Royale into Dell laptop (w/PowerDVD) and it played perfectly (and let us chapter skip forward). Hmmmmm.

Back-up of Casino Royale was on Sony DVD -R media . . .MID=Sony 16D1 (for DL recording I use Verbatim +R).

What puzzles me is, the back-up of Casion Royale played perfectly ok for over an hour in the Xbox360 and, then, got wonky and finally appears to have just quit.

Should I just chalk this up to typcial Microsoft weirdeness (i.e., a "flux" with the Xbox 360 hardware) or is there anything else I should check?

Additional info:

Copy method is AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 - that's it.

Sorry, should have been part of the OP.
This is probably the 360's fault, depending on the cause. If your backup plays fine in your computer then it should be ok. Does AnyDVD report the backup as being clean (no protection at all) because i have had some copies retain bad sectors etc. Does the disc play in a normal DVD player? The other issue that i'm not sure on is the fact that the 360 might not be speced to play recordable media. I don't own a 360 so i can't be sure on that one, check the manual. I made working backups of both those titles though. If you used the latest AnyDVD and CloneDVD, its more than likely the 360 is at fault. There is always the chance of bad media, but Sony is usually pretty good.

Thanks for the reply.

I copied Casino Royale a short while after it hit the stores (this Spring/Summer?) with the *then* current copy of AnyDVD - not sure what version. As I recall, I played the back-up during that time, BUT fell asleep while watching it . . . woke up to it wanting to start all over (which is why we took it with us - it was like a new movie!!). AnyDVD reads the back-up as follows:

Summary for drive E: (AnyDVD
HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-H21N A105 06/04/28
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a DVD.
Booktype: dvd-r (version 5), Layers: 1
Total size: 2285616 sectors (4464 MBytes)

Video DVD (or CD) label: Casino Royale
Media is not CSS protected.
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is region free.

RCE protection not found.
DVD structure appears to be correct.
Structural copy protection not found.
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Bad sector protection not found.
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!

So, the back-up looks good.

I'll test it on another DVD player (CR is an ok movie, but do I really want to watch the whole thing over again today??). I really feel a "whole movie" test is needed since the Xbox360 got 90% of the way through it.

But, I'm leaning towards Xbox360 wonkiness. Though, I'm still wondering - assuming no bad sectors, why would the Xbox360 fail at 90% instead of sooner (and why would it read it the first time 90%, but thereafter, not at all)?

I'll try to research the Xbox360 manual too.

It could have just been a fluke that the 360 was able to read most of it. Even if it isn't designed to read the discs, it could still see them and attempt to. My really old DVD player did the exact same things you described. It would try to play, but eventually die at inconsistent points on each attempt I made, then it gave up trying to read the disc at all. It sounds to me like the 360 cant read the recordable media. Maybe Microsoft intentionally made it that way to promote sales of the HD DVD drive which maybe is capable of playing them. Not sure on that though since I don't have the 360, but as you said the best test is a full watch on a normal DVD player.
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