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    I am trying to backup Cars 3 (USA, DVD). When I first put it in, it just kept "scanning". After ejecting the disc and reinserting it a few times, it finally scanned. In CloneDVD2.3.9, while it was transcoding, I noticed dozens of spots where the "transcoded" (orange) went down to nothing, leaving the "original" (brown). Then in playback (from the harddrive, using VLC) the movie pauses in several locations. I am not sure if it was the player or the backup copy's fault. I am attaching an AnyDVD log file. Any help you can give?

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  2. wuijin

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    So, it still took forever to scan, but it finally scanned. Then I was able to fix the issue with the transcoded feed disappearing by including both angle 1 and angle 2 in the backup.
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    Hmm. I did OK by just keeping Angle 1.
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    I'm having the same issue with AnyDVD Constant scanning. I think this has happened before and it was a matter of waiting until the AnyDVD wizards provided an update.