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    Trying to back up Cars 3. DVD has 4 identical playlists, all the same length. Do I just try all 4 playlists until I get the right one? I tried one and it looked like it backed up fine, but when it is played, every once in a while, the screen goes blank for 5 seconds. The words keep playing only the screen is blank. Then the movie continues.
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    Wrong section, moved. Please provide an AnyDVD logfile and say exactly what you're doing and how you're doing it

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    My next attempt was to just go with the playlists that the Clone DVD picked, which was two playlists each the same length. Back up worked fine, not really sure how the program made one ISO file from two playlists, but it did. Thanks.
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    You're only fine if you didn't compress two main movies to the same disk.
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    From experience with previous Disney/Pixar releases each playlist is a different language for any lettering or signs in the movie. Your backup went blank because you probably chose the wrong language.

    Play the original and see which playlist is chosen by the player. Choose that one for your backup.

    I use VLC or MPC-HC for quickie playback of DVDs, originals or back-ups, to find out playlists or if I removed an unwanted video stream, etc.

    A log file certainly wouldn't hurt.
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    I must be doing something wrong with all the Disney (and pixar) movies. I have used two methods, either the DVD Ripper or Clone DVD. The problem is, even when I identity the correct angle (language), the copy plays the correct language, then does either a blank segment for each one of the languages (if the other languages are removed), or will play each version of the language (angle) if the entire disc was copied.

    Since I haven't seen anyone else mention this, I must be doing something wrong, perhaps in playback. The blank space shows up when playing through dvdshrink, or when when selecting a single VOB file and playing with a generic Mpeg player.
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    Just take the Main Movie and it's all easier.
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    Try using DVD Shrink 3.2, but make sure AnyDVD is disabled.
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    You do know you can edit your previous post if you need to add or fix text?
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    To help us be able to help you please provide a log file.

    This could be a new protection or other issue that one of the developers could fix if they have the information a log file provides.
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    The reason I didn't post a log file is because I believe it to be an issue with how I play back the copies. For example, The good dinosaur, Inside Out are also titles that I have experienced the angle/language playback issue and those have been long since released. Thus, reaching out to confirm not only how others are obtaining the copy, but also how are the copies being played to not experience the extra language sections, or blank sections.
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    This is nothing new!
    Unfortunately, your playback software/device is too stupid to interpret the output of CloneDVD correctly.
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    PowerDVD (even very old nearly free versions) are the standard we use here for PC playback software.
    Best known "clone" of a stand-alone DVD player.
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