Can't Rip Knives Out

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    Hi - Since I just posted my Charlie's Angels issues, why not Knives Out? I've tried like 10 times. Saving to NAS, single mkv file, video compressed to about 12mbps, uncompressed English audio and optional English subtitles. Persistent data corruption errors.
    I cleaned the disc, looks perfect to me. I should have mentioned the same about Charlie's Angels in the prior post.
    Latest AnyDVD HD, and this failed with Clone BD
    Thanks for any help!

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  2. whirlpool

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    Is ‘Knives Out’ this UHD version ?
    If so, it’s not yet supported.
    12) Knives Out -- OPD: (UK) BD_f6d0a433e120 // (Best Buy US) BD_3b3f32cee655
    (It has Screenpass)
  3. IamGaryGnu

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    Nope, just bluray, not uhd - thanks!
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    In that case anydvd logfile please

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    Let me first apologize for lame humor. I find the title "Can't Rip Knives Out" of your post brilliant.
    So, may lame joke: You shouldn't rip the knives out. You should leave them in and let the paramedics remove them, otherwise you risk uncontrolled, fatal bleeding.
    Again: Sorry! I just "had to".....
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