Can't Rip Darkest Hour

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    I saw a few people had issues with read errors. In my case, the rip doesn't seem to really get started. I put the disk in the drive and RedFox scans it and seems to recognize it. I do see the title show up. But when I start the copy and the drive just thrashes. The progress indicator shows a read rate of a few hundredths of an MB per second rising very slowly, but there is virtually no progress. I've let the disk sit like that for a few hours and at the end of that time, it may show a read rate of a few tenths of an MB/sec but no progress. For what it's worth, if I turn off AnyDVD I can play the disk on PowerDVD. AnyDVD version is I just tried uploading the log file, but don't see any indication that it was uploaded.

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    This is a Bluray and needs to be moved to the Bluray section.
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    Wrong section, moved. Bluray issues do not belong in the DVD section.

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    I'm a newbie here and a little confused. Isn't this the "AnyDVD (Blu-ray Issues)" section? Or has someone already moved this for me?
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    Yeah, me. Hence the 'topic moved part. ;-)

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    Does it play, if you set AnyDVD to default settings?