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Can't delete ripped files


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Aug 9, 2007
I ripped a CD to a folder on my desktop and now it won't let me delete the VOB files. It first says that I need to confirm the deletion (I think as administrator) and then it says that I need permission to delete the file. Sometimes the files disappear when I press delete, but reappear. How can I delete these files?
is this in windows media player you are trying to delete the file(s)?
Not in Media Player

No, it's just on the desktop, not using any program. I only used AnyDVD to rip it and the files went straight to a folder on the desktop.
Try diabling AnyDVD before you attempt to delete then folder. If taht doesn't work, reboot the PC and try again.
Yeah, it is Vista :(. I exited AnyDVD, but it didn't help.
Try the app that DetroitBaseball suggested. There is another app that is also very effective. EndItAll2
Hey thanks for the help. Even the programs couldn't do it, but I tried disabling the UAC and it finally allowed me to delete the files.