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    I have two movie titles that will not burn. "Running with Scissors and Open Season.

    I get an error message from DVD Shrink 3.2 " DVD Shrink 3.2 " "DVD Shrink has encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to read file "D:\"

    I tried to run it through your AnyDVD Ripper and it copied to a folder but could not get Nero to burn to a blank DVD.Then tried ImBurn to burn Running with Scissors, but I do not have enough experience with ImBurn to finish something about not enough space on the disc.

    Please help with "Any Ideas:


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    Must have posted at the same time.
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    :agree: You seem to have beat me by a couple of seconds.
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    Use RipIt4Me or CloneDVD
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    Just buy cloneDVD and save yourself the headache.
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    I second this motion or ideal.:agree: