can HD be Burned on a HD disk?

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    I am thinking of buying the HD upgrade part of anydvd. Can the rips be burned to a HD disk providing you have the right burner and stuff?
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    In theory yes, but as HD DVD writers are very rare at the moment it's difficult to test. With Blu-ray as long as it's not a BD+ title it can be written back to BD-r or BD-re
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    can HD be burned on HD disk

    Thanks for answering I need to find out if my pc will do HD. I have a Dell E310/3100 media center pc xp pro service pac 2.pentium 4 hyper thread 2.80 ghz dual processors, 2gb's of ram.My biggest problem is trying to get a good video card. This pc is a budget media center and it only has 1x pci express.My pci 6200 nvidia video card is a piece of s^&t.It had pure video with the 78. something drivers that came with it but I am stuck with 84.21 drivers that do not support hd,I think anyway.I have a 47" in LG LCD 1080P 47LC7DF tv with a pc in put(vga/rgb) also a LG 22" flatron monitor hooked up with dvi-d with a resolution of 1680 by 1050.I need to find out if it can handle HD material and the file system so I can do what the rest of you guy's are doing. Anyone have any ideas for me?
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    Can my Dell E310 do HD with the help of AnyDvd HD?

    Short answer - not without problems which would make the HD experience miserable unless you like a really pretty slideshow on your (impressive) tv (been there, done that, with a similar setup).

    Long answer - the thread title is no longer relevant to your question, so I am suggesting one that fits better - perhaps a Moderator should change it or move it to the Hardware Forum? To keep it relevant to this forum, the solution proposed below would require AnyDVD HD to be used to connect to either of the non-HDCP inputs you mentioned (although your LG LCD 1080P 47LC7DF has HDMI-HDCP inputs as well as pc-vga).

    Quote from Consumer Guide Reports on E310:
    "The motherboard doesn't have an AGP slot or a PCI Express 16x slot, so if you want to upgrade the graphics down the road, you'll have to find a PCI or an even more rare PCIe 1x graphics card for the system."

    Your choices are very limited with this system. The only PCI-e 1x choices are usually specialized cards like the Matrox G550 which are dual-head systems designed for multiple monitors (like stock traders use) with not enough memory or power to run anything beyond 2d applications. PCI choices can be more powerful but price/performance ratios are miserable compared to PCI-e 16x (or even AGP) solutions, which are not available on this motherboard (gotta love Dell for limiting your choices :disagree: - they are even worse than IBM used to be).

    Dell chassis are sometimes almost impossible to upgrade*, but if you can then you can replace the motherboard for about $50-75, add in an HD2x00 series PCI-e 16x card for about $50 (2400Pro) or $110 (2600xt) and be good to go for less than the cost of your LG Flatron monitor AND you can use HDMI to your LG LCD 1080P 47LC7DF to take full advantage of its capabilities.

    Of course, this begs the question of how you intend to play the HD content (you don't mention any HD-capable optical drive, such as an xBox HD add-on or a PS3). That might mean more hardware/software, but I don't think your current motherboard / 6200 PCI (non-express) video card will let you play any (watchable) HD. Upgrading to any acceptable PCI solution would probably be more expensive than getting a new barebone system (keeping some parts from your Dell like ram and cpu) and adding an HD2x00 card (you can also replace the processor with a much faster dual core for $75 if you want to overclock) - this would still be only a fraction of the cost of your LG LCD 1080P 47LC7DF.

    You mention that your nvidia 6200 pci card with original drivers was better than with the new drivers which you are "stuck with" - why not just roll back to the older drivers if they gave you better performance? You are only "stuck with" drivers if they let you do something you want to do but couldn't do before (like playing newer games), not the reverse.

    You don't state the manufacturer nor the memory size of your video card (128 or 256mb) but if it is by BFG they are severely limited by a 64 bit memory interface. It also lacks a Turbo cache (a 6200 series feature which is not available on any 6200 pci non-express card IIRC).

    *Make sure that you don't have a Dell power supply with proprietary connectors that don't fit on anything other than a Dell motherboard.
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